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When planning and developing our tinkerED learning through play sets I like to ensure that the contents are open-ended. I always aim to include a sensory element and also a variety of loose parts as by implementing these styles of play in the early years research has shown it can really enhances a child’s imagination. It encourages them to think creatively, promotes language development and introduces them to a variety of materials and textiles enriching their knowledge of the world around them. Each tinkerED box includes handmade products from talented creatives who also run their own small businesses. I work closely with these businesses ensuring that they funky receive the credit that is due for making such wonderful items that feature in our play sets. 

It is important to me that our products are sustainable- wherever possible, I keep our packaging to a minimum, endeavour to use recyclable or bio-degradable materials and use ethical and sustainable items within each set.

My favourite part of running the business is using my creativity to develop new play kits. I personally design each themed set and then spend several months sourcing the perfect resources from other small businesses to bring the sets to life. I then work closely with my chief toy testers (my own little boys) to test out the kits. I often seek inspiration from them about the ways in which a kit can be used as their imaginations often think of fabulous ways in which to use the various items included.