What we do

Tots of fun hosts a variety of exciting educational play programmes throughout the UK and is the home of the tinkerED learning through play brand. Our aim is to assist parents and educators in helping to develop children’s knowledge and key skills by encouraging them to explore
their creativity through the arts (music, art, drama and dance).

Studies show that participating in this type of learning from a young age has a positive influence on a child’s personal, social and emotional development as well as building their confidence. With the busyness of the modern world we know that as a parent it is sometimes difficult to find the time to really engage in play with your children, which is why we have developed our cleverly researched programmes and tinkerED box sets. We ensure that you have the dedicated spaces and resources available to you so that you can both fully appreciate your precious play time together. Whether attending one of our play programmes or playing at home with our themed educational box sets, we make spending quality time with your children easy and as play is fundamental to a child’s development and an integral part of their learning journey you can be assured that not only are you making your child happy but your are setting them up for a bright future.