Our Story


I’m Charlotte – Mum of two boys Noah (aged 5) and Tobias (aged 2).
I first setup Tots of fun back in 2018 when I discovered a love for engaging in play with my first born.

After several amusing messy activities at home, I was inspired to setup both a messy playgroup and a mum & baby group in a bid to encourage play and help parents build an invaluable support network. Both groups proved to be popular in my local area and so I slowly (in-between moving house, renovating and having a second child) set about making a business which would allow me to open classes throughout the UK.

Unfortunately no one could have predicted the Pandemic which saw everything shut down in 2020 as we entered lockdown after lockdown. With no playgroups running parents across the world looked to the internet for ways in which to entertain and teach their young children. Knowing this I put my thinking cap on and started to develop the idea of creating a brand that made sustainable play kits which combined all sorts of play based learning resources in one affordable box. I wanted to provide parents with an easy way to educate their young children on specific themes and also allow them to easily put together beautiful play setups that would keep the children engaged in hours of open-ended play.  I wanted to make play sets that gave mums and dads a fun and easy way to engage in play with their children but also provided them with an easy to grab, go to play time solution for when they needed some peace and quiet.

Once I had designed my first few themed boxes, I searched the internet for beautiful handmade and sustainable items from talented UK based creatives – ensuring that each item I sourced fit with the idea I had in my head. Once I was happy that I had found the right products and had selected the perfect loose parts to accompany them tinkerED was born!

Setting up a small business was a new venture for me and a steep learning curve at that. Fast forward to now and I am pleased to say I have loved every moment so far and have done many a happy dance at every achievement I’ve made so. I am so grateful for every sale and really appreciate all the support that you guys give me.
My hopes for the future is that I can continue doing happy dances as I see more parents and children across the UK (and maybe further afield in time) playing happily with our tinkerED sets. As for the original plan of launching our play groups I hope that one day when Covid is no longer causing chaos for us all that I can look into launching classes and help to bring us all together once again.