I recently bought this gorgeous loose parts box. I’ve been impressed with how much they include in each box. I assemble a lot of my own play trays and there are many companies out there making collections now. But many don’t offer good value for money. You could assemble all the individual parts for less. But this box has a lovely collection of bee themed resources.

The resources themselves are lovely. The beekeeper and little bee are charming. The resin numbers combined with the many loose parts open up lots of possibilities for developing mathematical skills. The sets are designed to be something you can get out to engage your child and everything is so nicely put together it couldn’t fail to. 

The theme of bees is a popular one currently. I can see this appealing to many parents who want to educate their children to care for this world. The wildflower seeds gives a perfect reason for getting the children outside and involved in actively helping the bees. Having got this set I am very tempted to put an order in for another.