Will you play with me?

The answer is yes. Our play kits will engage children in hours of beneficial play but we guarantee you won’t want to leave them to it. With enchanting loose parts, sensory experiences and fun activities it won’t just be children who can’t resist having a tinker! We are huge advocates of play and have actively tried to create sets that both children and parents can easily enjoy together.

Sustainable products

Whenever possible we use eco friendly and natural resources within the play kits. We limit the amount of packaging and single use plastics and only ever include high quality items that can be used time and time again resulting in a more sustainable form of play.

Beneficial resources

Did you know playdough is the perfect tool for developing fine motor skills and strengthening hand muscles, both of which children need to develop before they learn to write and perform other intricate tasks. All of our play kits are carefully planned to include resources and activities that promote learning through play.

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